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Hip Hop Craze

From an action filled game, let’s try to segue a bit and get more into FreeStyleGames’ newest innovation, DJ Hero. It is basically a hip hop counterpart of the already established Guitar Hero and this basically answers the shout out of all hip hop gamers out there, who wants to experience something new that involves their preferred genre of music. Instead of guitar, players are using turntables this time to try and beat every level to be the master of all songs.

Players and critics all over the world have received this new type of game play with arms wide open because of its freshness and having more than enough number of songs to satisfy everyone’s needs. The turntables were also well built and currently, there are no issues being raised by gamers around the globe regarding the new type of hardware for their consoles and it is expected that the makers of this game would certainly add more music to its collection, as they did with Guitar Hero.

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