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Debunking Online Security Myths

Depending on how often a user accesses the internet and what they do while online, many people believe they are much safer than they actually are. While there are specialists who are paid to look out for online security threats and design ways to counteract them, the average computer or mobile device user isn’t thinking about threats when they boot up their machine or send a text from their phone. This is how many online security myths get started and then are perpetuated. This is also why online predators and criminals are often very successful in stealing identities and information from others. While it is not necessarily the most pleasant thing you will do, learning about common online security myths can help you to evaluate whether your own online safety measures need to be updated or improved.


Only Windows-Based Machines Need Antivirus Protection


While this may have been true in earlier years, today the popularity of Macintosh-based systems and the Apple brand name is such that more and more people are converting from Windows-based systems to Macintosh systems. As more people convert, hackers and cybercriminals see more opportunity for lucrative online theft from Macintosh users and their incentive to write spyware, malware and virus software to accomplish this increases accordingly. The truth is that every computer and mobile device needs antivirus protection, and many internet security companies such as Trend Micro now offer both Windows and Macintosh-based security software that can be installed on many types of internet-ready devices for exactly this reason.


Only Rich People Get Hacked


There is also a myth that the people who are targeted by identity thieves and hackers are only those who have lots of money or information to steal. Unfortunately for everyone else, this is not now and has never been the case. The truth is that anyone who accesses the internet is at risk of having their personal data or identity stolen.


The Spam Filter Provided By My Email is Enough Protection


This myth is perpetuated by the presence of more aggressive spam filters and customizable email programs that allow users to set parental controls and also offer other types of helpful settings that filter content for them. But the truth is that a spam filter is not the same as antivirus protection, and that it will also only work while the user is actually inside of their email provider’s website.


By ensuring that you have the truth about common internet security myths, you can also ensure that you have the right antivirus software to protect you whenever you want to access the internet.

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